On this submission page we advertise when Brink's group writing project is running, release our internship application forms, and open up applications for other opportunities. 

Brink Literacy Project is proud to offer spring and fall publishing internships every year. Each internship lasts fifteen weeks.

An internship with Brink Literacy Project will give you first-hand experience working in the publishing industry. Our programs are designed to bridge the gap between learning about publishing and actually working in the business. With assignments such as editorial writing, social media marketing, industry outreach, and professional correspondence, interns receive expansive training that covers a range of skill and experiences.

Our publishing internships are conducted entirely online so individuals from anywhere in the world can participate as long as they have access to WiFi. For interns who live in Denver, CO, we host local work and publishing events, to which you are invited and encouraged to participate. However, our entire editing curriculum and other internship duties can certainly be carried out remotely.  For more information about the program and applications, please take a look at the program page on our website.

Typically, Brink interns work approximately 10 hours a week. Every Brink intern is given a stipend of $300.

For any additional questions or concerns, please check out our FAQs page.

Please review the guidelines and position description before submitting your application.


Brink Literacy Project